Vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 is known for its compund which is a miracle that have cured many cancer patients all over the world since early 1900. The compound which Dr. Krebs, Jr. extracted from apricot kernels (prunes armaeniaca Linnaeus), known as Laetrile was chemically pure natural Amygdalin, also known as Vitamin B17.

A controversial video “World Without Cancer”, by G. Edward Griffin has opened eyes of many others but yet till today, there’s a lot of denial of the goodness of Vitamin B17 to cure cancer. In his brilliantly researched 1974 book World Without Cancer, researcher and author G. Edward Griffin explains the trophoblastic theory of cancer proposed by Professor John Beard of Edinburgh University, which states that certain pre-embryonic cells in pregnancy differ in no discernible way from highly-malignant cancer cells. Edwards Griffin continues:

“The trophoblast in pregnancy indeed does exhibit all the classical characteristics of cancer. It spreads and multiplies rapidly as it eats its way into the uterus wall preparing a place where the embryo can attach itself for maternal protection and nourishment.”


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